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MWH Education Law attorneys are acutely aware of the unique regulatory framework governing school districts, public and private universities, and other educational institutions. We stand prepared to address, handle, and advise on a wide range of issues that may arise in school settings, such as issues related to premises and general liability, student confidentiality and privacy, special education staffing, school board governance, discrimination, and retaliation. Our attorneys diligently defend and litigate on behalf of teachers and support staff, administrators, district-level employees, stakeholders, and those acting as third-party contractors.

Our Education Law team has a deep understanding of Title IX and related civil rights laws relevant to students and offers comprehensive counsel to ensure total legal compliance with these statutes. While MWH is similarly well-equipped to advise on general risk mitigation and matters related to employment and labor, including contract renewal and staff benefit plans, we are also fully prepared to provide counsel and robust litigation on behalf of a district or institution in relation to criminal charges levied against a singular employee or group of staff members. We are dedicated to providing holistic legal support and superb litigation services to schools, their staff, and their students, and to protecting the value these educational institutions bring to their communities.

Scope of Services

  • Liability Litigation
    • Negligence claims
    • Transportation liability
  • Public Record Disputes
  • Student Issues
    • IDFA matters
    • Expulsions and other disciplinary actions
    • Student codes of conduct
  • Confidentiality and Privacy Issues
    • Student records violations
    • Surveillance
    • Social media privacy
  • Administrative Charges
  • Title IX Investigations
    • Defense related to all charges of discrimination of race, age, sex, etc
  • Employment Litigation
    • Contract renewals and disputes
    • Discrimination and retaliation claims

Recent Representative Matters

  • Defended the second-largest school district in Wisconsin against Section 1983 claims asserted based upon alleged privacy violations.
  • Represented a large school district in connection with claims asserted by students arising out of extra-curricular activities.
  • Provided advice and counsel to numerous school districts and colleges relating to personnel issues.
  • Represented a large school district in connection with claims under state public records law.
  • Conducted internal investigations for school districts involving personnel-related matters.
  • Provided advice and counsel to school districts regarding board governance issues.