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At MWH, we do not need a Chief Diversity Officer or Diversity Committee to demonstrate our commitment to diversity and inclusion because it is in our DNA. The makeup of our firm mirrors the diversity of the communities we come from and the clients we serve. As a result, MWH clients receive the creative and innovative solutions they deserve from attorneys who understand the pressures they face.

The female perspective I bring to my workplace investigations is especially valuable when handling sex discrimination and sexual harassment complaints for my clients. It ensures we’re evaluating each case from everyone’s perspective. ~ Julie Bittner, Equity Partner

Creating and Advancing Minorities and Women Through NAMWOLF

As companies increasingly demand more female and diverse attorneys to represent them on matters, data suggests this has done little to diversify the legal profession as a whole. In 2001, realizing something else had to be done, MWH Equity Partner, Emery Harlan, helped create the National Association of Minority and Women Owned Law Firms (NAMWOLF).

NAMWOLF’s goal is to empower minority and women-owned law firms by “… developing strategic alliances, coalitions and affiliations with corporations, in-house counsel and other legal trade associations.” MWH attorneys are proud to continue our support NAMWOLF, its mission and its talented and passionate members.

Leveling the Playing Field Through Leadership Roles

Additionally, MWH attorneys have elevated the profile of the firm and our diverse and minority members through leadership roles with industry organizations, including the:

  • Minority In House Counsel Association
  • State Bar of Wisconsin Diversity Counsel Program
  • Commercial Law Section of the National Bar Association

MWH Law Group Diversity & Inclusion Scholarship

To encourage minorities and women to participate in the legal profession and further amplify diverse voices and perspectives, MWH awards its annual Diversity & Inclusion scholarship. The competition is open to incoming or current law students who are making a positive impact on diversity and inclusion. The individual selected must be currently enrolled or enrolling for the fall semester at an accredited law school in Wisconsin or Iowa. To apply for our scholarship, visit the scholarship application.

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