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Innovative and effective trainings for companies of all sizes

MWH has developed innovative and efficient training programs for businesses and organizations of all sizes to train managers, human resources personnel and senior executives on best employment practices related to workplace investigations, employee performance reviews, and document retention. Our most frequently requested training relates to creating respectful workplace environments through instruction on discrimination, harassment, retaliation and wrongful termination.

Training package prices vary depending on the needs of your organization. After the initial conversation we may need to review company policies and talk with stakeholders so that we can develop a training program tailored to your organizational needs.

Are you doing everything you can to protect your company?

We can provide you with the tools and strategies that you need to address employment issues properly when they arise in the workplace. Sometimes the process takes time, but we stay by your side to champion your position, doing everything we can to minimize disruption of your operations and alleviate your stress. Partnering with our clients to reach cost-effective resolutions while providing personal attention is the most gratifying part of our practice.

Why call MWH Law Group?

MWH Law Group’s attorneys are available to provide advice and counsel on the daily employment issues that arise. Our attorneys use their wealth of expertise to help clients make decisions that help them avoid litigation.

An initial consultation will cost you nothing.

To learn more about training programs for your company or to schedule training for your employees, please call MWH Law Group at 414-436-0353 (Wisconsin), 515-453-8509 (Iowa), 317-939-3540 (Indiana), or 312-734-1457 (Illinois).

To speak to an employment attorney directly, contact Julie T. Bittner, Esq. by email at or phone at 515-453-8509 to discuss your training and employment matters.