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Technology impacts every aspect of your business. As it evolves and becomes more complex, so do the tech-related contractual, regulatory and other legal issues.

Negotiations often can be complex and solving problems to reach a fair outcome is a creative process that I enjoy. It lets me create a stable and solid relationship foundation with my clients. ~ Jeff Perzan, Partner

Every day, clients like you count on MWH to help you successfully create, license, monetize, enhance and utilize existing, new, and emerging technologies to build and maintain critical technology for business infrastructure as well as products and services.

Given the pervasiveness of technology, MWH attorneys do not restrict their practice to a single industry. Instead, we advise clients across industries regarding their technology law, data privacy and related matters, from using and licensing open-source software and mitigating data privacy and cybersecurity risks to writing website terms and negotiating tech-related clauses in contracts. Clients count on MWH attorneys’ practical, actionable advice to close their deals involving technology.

The MWH Approach

Some major firms are structured like a pyramid, with a large number of new associates at the base and narrowing numbers of senior associates and partners as you make your way up the pyramid. MWH has opted for a more level approach that gives each of our attorneys the opportunity to do meaningful work with you early on and form nimble client service teams that are responsive to your needs and focused on your business goals.

Clients appreciate MWH’s approach. Special Counsel Kerry Childe notes, “Clients have told me they appreciate the way MWH make their lives easier by being responsive, by providing actionable advice, by suggesting creative alternatives in negotiations and by thinking like in-house counsel instead of writing memos to the file.”

Midwestern Values and Our Approach to Client Service

The MWH approach to your legal needs is grounded in the Midwestern values of our client service principles:

  • Treat others as you want to be treated
  • Motivate yourself and others to exceed expectations
  • Communicate frequently, with honesty and candor
  • Deliver on your promises
  • Focus on adding value
  • Provide an honest day’s work for a fair fee

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