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Negotiations often can be complex and solving problems to reach a fair outcome is a creative process that I enjoy. It lets me create a stable and solid relationship foundation with my clients.

Clients like working with Jeff because he’s actively engaging with all parties involved while capturing the essence of the deal with his precise and crisp language.

Negotiations can often be complex. Whether he is evaluating a first edition from the Wizard of Oz series or negotiating an outsourcing agreement, Jeff knows each entity involved brings a different background experience, and culture. Creating a mesh of all these elements to have a fair outcome for the parties involved is what Jeff really enjoys. His approach creates a stable and solid foundation on which foster and encourage long-term relationships with his clients (and one that has resulted in his acquisition of a few rare Wizard of Oz editions).

Jeff has his undergraduate degree in international relations, and his experiences gained while  living and working abroad, traveling extensively, and conducting negotiations in more than 60 countries keep his practice interesting. He also started his legal career in-house, which informs his private practice today. For Jeff, “Being in-house as part of the business and being part of the solution to business problems carries over to what I do in private practice and is something my clients have said they appreciate.”

For more than 35 years, Jeff has counseled clients in transactional negotiations related to technology, outsourcing, international, intellectual property, and competition law, the majority of which involve a non-U.S. party. He has prepared and negotiated technology, outsourcing, joint venture, and intellectual property contracts to completing complex, multijurisdictional licensing agreements to structuring tax-favorable agreements on behalf of his clients.

Professional Memberships

  • Wisconsin State Bar Association