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“The care that goes into the legal product cannot be understated. It is our duty as lawyers to master every fact, every detail, every argument and counter argument, and to put together the best possible defense.”

Employment law attorney and MWH Equity Partner Warren Buliox works hands-on with employers day in and day out. He offers organizations—corporate counsel, senior and mid-level managers, supervisors, business owners, and others—tailored, creative, and proactive solutions for eliminating or mitigating risks and, when needed, brings his insight and experience to matters that require arbitration, mediation, trial or other litigation.


Warren’s practice encompasses every form of employment litigation, including but not limited to claims involving race, sex, age, religion, disability, and arrest and conviction discrimination. He also helps clients develop employment policies and handbooks, trains management-level employees on key employment related issues, and reviews and drafts employment contracts and separation agreements. He also provides advice and counsel to clients on a variety of issues that arise day-to-day including wage and hour, family medical leave, disability accommodation, and more. In addition, municipalities engage him to defend litigation involving claims of U.S. Civil Rights Act Section 1983 violations as well as those alleging the use of excessive force by law enforcement.

Warren has tried over a dozen jury trials and has managed more than 250 hearings, handling motions before administrative agencies and courts. He has resolved litigation by summary judgment and successfully defended a multitude of administrative complaints before state and federal agencies and lawsuits filed in federal courts across the United States.

Uncover, Identify, and Solve

A sought-after legal talent, Warren is also a perfectionist at heart. He has no tolerance for cutting corners and never advises on matters before understanding the situation completely. His attention to detail is impeccable as he works efficiently to uncover all facts, identify all present legal issues, and consider all practical options.

The work Warren puts into his meticulous preparations pays off for clients, allowing him to confront the issues faced by employers confidently. He ensures that his analysis of legal issues and business implications is accurate and helpful, providing solutions that bring tremendous value to the client’s enterprise and employer-employee relationships.

Connect the Dots

“Employment matters are rarely straightforward; they often require an interactive process involving multiple parties and relationships.”

Clients rely on Warren’s even keel when solving even the most challenging employee-related problems. His approach is balanced yet tough when required. He frequently intervenes when sorting out a conflict between what employers would like to do and what they “should do” to resolve issues legally and efficiently. He also takes the time to understand interpersonal dynamics and diverse viewpoints to arrive at solutions that eliminate unnecessary costs and other losses, such as the loss of goodwill among current employees or staff, while protecting businesses and reputations.

Clients appreciate Warren’s thoroughness in fact-finding and his ability to connect the dots on complex matters involving multiple parties and challenging issues. He strives to know all the facts in any situation better than his clients, witnesses, or adversaries, a fact that is proven again and again by his successful results.

He never underestimates the importance of diverse perspectives in evaluating issues or gathering discovery and background information on complicated matters, often referring to insights gleaned from his MWH colleagues, who represent different races, genders, ages, abilities, and experiences.

Partner with Clients

Warren is an effective partner who gets to know his clients’ business objectives, operations, and preferences. Whether instructing supervisory teams on general employment law best practices, advising in-house counsel on new legislation, or working with senior management and parties to resolve contentious claims, he is easy to talk to and personable. He believes that fostering genuine relationships makes for the best partnerships, which result in positive outcomes and efficiencies. In fact, over the years, Warren has established longstanding clients, many of whom he considers friends.

Partner with Communities

“I love my clients and our firm, and I’m good at my job, but my passion is in the community.”

Whatever initiatives strengthen and advance communities, Warren is likely to be involved. He has shared in diversity and inclusion efforts that range from the NAACP and the Urban League to the largest Milwaukee repertory theater group.

Constantly seeking ways to increase minority representation in professional circles, Warren focuses not only on the legal industry but on others as well. For example, whenever an opportunity arises to advocate for diverse suppliers, he will match them with deals, contracts, subcontracting positions, and more. In the area of education, he participates in mentorships and other initiatives, where he shares his inside perspectives on the law and the legal profession to people of all ages at career fairs, school assemblies, and neighborhood outreach programs.

Thought Leadership

Professional Memberships

  • State Bar of Wisconsin
  • National Employment Law Council (NELC)
  • Wisconsin Association of African-American Lawyers