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Navigating the complex landscape of employment law requires proactive strategies to prevent potential disputes and mitigate risks. At MWH Law Group, our dedicated team of employment attorneys focuses on employment counseling and risk avoidance, offering strategic advice to both employers and employees.

Our firm takes a proactive approach to employment counseling, assisting businesses in developing sound policies and practices that comply with ever-evolving employment laws. We provide comprehensive guidance on a wide range of issues, including:

  • Policy Development – Crafting and updating employment policies to ensure legal compliance and promote a healthy work environment.
  • HR Best Practices – Advising on human resources best practices to prevent disputes and foster positive employee relations.
  • Training Programs – Conducting training sessions for employers and employees to enhance awareness of workplace rights, obligations, and potential risks.

Staying ahead of legal compliance is crucial for any business. Our attorneys conduct thorough compliance audits and risk assessments to identify and address potential vulnerabilities. Our focus is on helping businesses minimize legal risks associated with employment matters.

Scope of Services

Whether you are an employer seeking guidance on day-to-day employment matters or an employee navigating workplace challenges, our team at MWH Law Group is committed to providing strategic and effective employment counseling services for:

  • Legal Compliance Review
  • HR Best Practices
  • Policy Development & Implementation
  • Training Programs
  • Wage and Hour Compliance
  • Employee Classification
  • Discrimination, Harassment & Retaliation Prevention
  • Employee Handbooks
  • Proactive Problem Resolution
  • Compliance Audits and Risk Assessments

Recent Representative Matters

  • Investigated claim of unpaid wages, breach of contract, conversion or loss of personal property, sex discrimination, and age discrimination by former employee. Achieved mutually agreeable resolution to employer and former employee.
  • Consulted on ADA and workplace accommodation questions. Provided advice and counsel on sensitive, confidential, executive personnel issues and adverse actions for a large non-profit organization and technology corporation.
  • Provided guidance on ADA compliance and workplace accommodations, offering advice and counsel on matters related to employee discipline and adverse actions. Additionally, we offered consultations regarding the WARN Act and issues related to reduction in force for a diverse marketing agency.
  • Deliberated on ADA and workplace accommodation questions, provided advice and counsel on employee discipline and adverse actions, and provided consultations on FMLA issues for a construction firm.
  • Collaborated with a law office client on COBRA compliance and enforcement issues.
  • Provided advice and counsel on employee discipline and adverse actions for clients including a large beverage distributor, a national construction company, a veterinary clinic, and a neighboring law firm.
  • Advised a large chain restaurant on changes to Iowa child labor laws, consulted on ADA and workplace accommodation questions, advised on employee medical marijuana use, and provided advice and counsel on employee discipline and adverse actions.
  • Provided advice and counsel on employee discipline and adverse actions, employee benefits issues, COVID-19, FMLA, and medical marijuana issues to a large manufacturer.