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MWH Law Group attorneys understand the critical role that informed and educated employees play in creating a compliant and productive workplace. Our Employment Law & Policy Training services are designed to equip employers and employees with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the complexities of employment laws and regulations.

Our team of experienced employment attorneys is committed to providing tailored training solutions that address the specific needs and challenges of your business. Whether you are a small startup or a large corporation, our employment law training programs cover a range of topics, including

  • Legal Compliance – Ensuring that your workforce is aware of and adheres to federal, state, and local employment laws.
  • Anti-Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation – Promoting a safe and inclusive workplace by educating employees on recognizing and preventing discrimination, harassment and retaliation.
  • Wage and Hour Regulations – Training on proper timekeeping, overtime, and minimum wage compliance.
  • Employee Rights and Responsibilities – Clarifying the rights and responsibilities of both employers and employees in the employment relationship.
  • Data Privacy and Confidentiality – Addressing the importance of safeguarding sensitive employee information and trade secrets.

Employment laws are subject to change, and staying informed is crucial for legal compliance. Our training programs go beyond mere compliance, offering an engaging and interactive learning experience. We use a variety of educational methods, including:

  • Workshops and Seminars – Conducting in-person or virtual workshops to facilitate active learning and discussion.
  • Customized Training Materials – Developing educational materials tailored to your industry and organizational needs.
  • Q&A Sessions – Addressing specific questions and concerns from your employees to ensure a clear understanding of policies and regulations.
  • Leave Policies – Detailing policies related to sick leave, vacation, and other types of employee leave.
  • Termination Procedures – Clearly defining the procedures for disciplinary actions and termination.

Recent Representative Matters

  • Facilitated comprehensive training sessions on discrimination, harassment, and retaliation policies tailored for the legislative bodies within a state’s governance, reaching over 200 legislators and staff members to promote a culture of respect and compliance.
  • Offered in-depth training sessions on ADA and Iowa Code Chapter 216, focusing on disability discrimination and workplace accommodation, to a convenience store franchise boasting over 40 locations.
  • Provided training on effective performance evaluations to supervisors and managers within a thriving metropolitan consulting firm, equipping them with the skills necessary for enhancing employee performance and fostering professional development.
  • Conducted specialized training sessions at the corporate headquarters of one of the largest independent software solution providers, delivering comprehensive instruction on the Top Ten employment law issues to supervisors and managers.
  • Delivered targeted training sessions to supervisors within a leading global market franchise, ensuring understanding and compliance with policies regarding discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.
  • Facilitated comprehensive training sessions for department heads and supervisors within a major metropolitan city, focusing on discrimination, harassment, and retaliation awareness
  • Led thorough training sessions for all supervisors within a franchise business boasting over 20 locations, focusing on discrimination, harassment, and retaliation awareness to ensure a respectful and compliant workplace environment across the entire network.
  • Provided in-depth sessions on the Top Ten employment law issues for supervisors and managers at an agricultural co-op with nearly a century of operational history.
  • Coordinated comprehensive training sessions on discrimination, harassment, and retaliation policies for supervisors across a network of over 40 concrete plant locations spanning three states.

Discover the value of investing in education to not only mitigate legal risks but also to cultivate a positive and compliant workplace. This will enhance your team’s capabilities by equipping them with the knowledge and skills essential for navigating the intricate realm of employment laws. Reach out to MWH Law Group today to explore our Employment Law & Policy Training services.