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Veronica Kirk Presents Oral Argument to Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals in Special Session at Drake Law School

October 31, 2023
Veronica Kirk

MWH Law Group partner Veronica Kirk presented oral argument on October 26, 2023 to the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals sitting in a special session at Drake Law School, Kirk’s alma mater. The Eighth Circuit had not held oral argument at Drake since 2015.

Kirk was defending MWH’s client’s win at the district court level where the Court granted summary judgment in favor of the retailer, finding there was insurance coverage for the claimed injuries.

On appeal, the insurance carrier argued that the district court erred in finding in favor of the retailer that coverage applied because of an exclusion written into the policy language that allegedly precludes coverage under this specific set of facts.

Kirk thoroughly enjoyed briefing her client’s position and being provided the opportunity to present oral argument to the esteemed panel of jurists, all while contributing to the learning environment at Drake Law School. Drake’s unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch education at an accessible cost to its students is valued and admired by MWH, which holds a similar philosophy – providing excellent client service at reasonable Midwestern rates.

MWH, Kirk and the client all eagerly anticipate the court’s ruling on this issue.