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Diversity & Inclusion Champion: State Senator, Gregory Taylor

December 16, 2020

Indiana State Senator Greg Taylor






MWH Law Group LLP is proud to acknowledge our own senior counsel, Gregory G. Taylor, as a Diversity & Inclusion Champion. Since 2008, Taylor has served in the Indiana State Senate representing District 33 – Indianapolis. In November, he became the new Senate minority leader, and the first Black leader of a legislative caucus in state history.

“I am excited to work with my fellow members of the Democratic Caucus to tackle many important issues in this next General Assembly,” Taylor said in a prepared statement upon his election. “Our caucus members have always been champions for protecting Hoosier workers, protecting your right to vote and making sure our justice system treats every Hoosier fairly.”

As the first Black legislative caucus leader in the Indiana Statehouse, Taylor’s objective is to provide a diverse perspective. This objective has already played itself out in a recent leadership call about the COVID-19 vaccine rollout.

“The governor’s office emphasized the importance of getting the vaccine to communities that were impacted the most. Just the fact that I was on the call may have influenced that decision,” Taylor said. “I want to change the dialogue at the table so that we start talking more about the people who for so many years in Indiana have been marginalized, on purpose or systematically.”

Taylor is an experienced transactional attorney who combines knowledge and business acumen to provide sound and practical advice to his clients. For more than 20 years, Taylor has advised clients in the public finance space as well as real estate matters. Prior to joining MWH Law Group in 2016, Taylor was partner for seven years at one of the largest minority-owned law firms in the country where he practiced in the transactional division, specializing in municipal finance law.

In his 12 years serving in the General Assembly, Taylor says it has always been his objective to represent his district, as well as the entire citizenry of the state of Indiana. Now as the Senate minority leader, he will be able to guide the policies and objectives of the Democrats in the state.

“I’ve always been told that if you are not at the table, you are on the menu. So for me, it is about economic inclusion and the importance of discussing issues that in the past have never been discussed. It is important that we seize the moment,” Taylor said. “I am excited and hope I can push the dialogue. I hope to make the state of Indiana better, which is what we all should be about.”


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